Sunday, 9 August 2015

Helloooooo. Anyone home?

Up a Dune
 We free camped for a while not far from Bilbao in Loredo.  They had very big sand dunes there and I ran down them and fell on my face.
Waiting for my boat
 We spent the night before the ferry in the port at Bilbao.  It was very strange.  Daddy got the table and chairs out and we had dinner in the car park.
Back to Blighty
 I liked the boat.  They had a play ground and I made a meercat sand sculpture for Nanny and had a glitter tatoo of a mermaid on my arm which wouldn't come off.  Daddy didn't feel to good but Mama was up for all sorts.
Mad Mama
 She even took me swimming in the pool.  The water was sloshing about and there were big waves and everyone else was staring at us and I wasn't too sure about it but Mama looked to be having a good time.
 We arrived back in Portsmouth and it started raining.  It's the first rain we have seen in months.  Mama was hoping it would wash the van.
 I was so happy to see Nanny and Ganggang in Dolly Dorset.
 It is so green.  My uncle Marcus says that if it is green - it's because it rains and it's been doing a lot of that here.  We found a fabulous playground in Dorchester.  Complete with a steam roller.
Steam Rolling
 Then we went up to London to check on the flat.  It was very strange.  I remembered all the playgrounds.  I met my friend Kaviya.  How I have missed her.  Mama ate rice and curry for 4 days.
Me and my friend
 And then Uncle Lollo came to meet us and I let out a big scream when I saw him.  He didn't stay long and I miss him.  He brought me a lion which he says is called Cecil.
My Lollo and Cecil
 Then my cousins came to see me and we spent all day together flying a heliplopplop which Nathan eventually landed on a roof.
Me and my cousins
 And we went to visit my Aunty Marion and my cousins Jessica, Myles and Big Joe.  Big Joe gave me a car
Helping Aunty
and my Aunty Jessica sat next to me at dinner. Uncle Al made a great chicken curry and Mama ate too much.  Then we drove back to Nanny's and built a den in the forest.
The Hobbit Hole
 Just as I am settling down again - we are off up North on Le Grand Tour.  Then we are coming back here to look at a school and then off on our travels again.  I miss Nona.  But then I miss everyone too.  The worst thing about travelling is not being able to bring everyone with you.

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  1. I know, lovely little Joe, about leaving people you want to take with you but, think of all the lovely things you can tell them when you see them again. Also, you wouldn't write such wonderful blogs which make us all so happy. Reading your blogs and seeing your photos are the highlight of the month. Keep 'em coming. We miss you too and send our little prince and his mummy and daddy huge kisses and hugs xoxoxo Tati Suzy and Ton Ton David


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