Monday, 6 July 2015

Birthdays and Break downs

Jump, jump, jump like a frog my friend
 I don't know how many birthdays you are supposed to have but I seem to have had a few.  I had one in Benidorm when everyone sang to me and brought out a big chocolate cake and then we had another where we all went out to dinner at the Chiringuito because it is Mama's favourite restaurant.  I like it there too because they have a jumping castle at the back.
Mama bought me some balloons that you can make into animal shapes and they were so hard to blow up, daddy had to get the van tyre pump out. 
Hardest balloons in the world

Anyway, I had a lovely day although I missed everybody as they have all gone home.  Mama says we can have another birthday party when we get to Nana's and I am really looking forward to that one because Nana says she will make me couscous.
We have a ferry booked on the 14th July.  It is very hot here so we packed up to leave yesterday at 5 in the morning.  We were all ready to go and when daddy went to start the van it wouldn't start. 
Driving my racing car

So we went to the beach.  A man came today to look at it and he said it might need a new battery and he will come back later.  So we are going to the beach.
I think we might be stuck here again.  Cap Blanch camping seems to keep us everytime we come here.

Sleeping it off

I can't wait to see Nanny and Ganggang Flipflip.  Cmon man.  Mend our van.

Nanny I like these types of lollies

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  1. Mm! Chuba chuba lollies, my favourite too! Maybe if you gave the van some it would go like the clappers! Hope you get to the ferry in time Joey! Lots of love from Tati and ton ton in the South of France up North! xxxxx


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